the founder of Kidszenia and a proud parent of two children. Aside from that, I have been working in a research company that researches baby products and thinks of ways to make them the best tools for your baby's development.




Exceptional craftsmanship. Modifying one's fashion style is simple. It's a gift for the daughter of a mutual acquaintance. She's overjoyed and can't wait to get her name engraved on her pocketbook and water bottle. This is a gift that all of my friends love. She also professes to be on the hunt for The One. It's quite easy for her to be organized when her daughter goes to school. After washing the material, the name impression remained. That's fantastic. I strongly advise you to do so.

Name stamp

In ten days, the order was delivered to St. Petersburg. The products have been received in excellent condition. The Stamp is adorable, and after receiving the order, he was asked to reproduce the necessary text once again. The inscription is exactly how I wrote it. The plastic casing is of good quality, and the writing is vibrant. Printed on garments in a clear, non-divorceable manner. a

Name stamp

This bottle warmer is fantastic. It's simple to re-set, small enough to carry in a diaper bag, and works swiftly and effectively. This bottle warmer is ideal for traveling, but it may also be used at home. When my youngest was a newborn, my 12-year-old enjoyed assisting with feeding him, and this was ideal for when he needed to warm up a bottle. First and foremost, safety, as well as ease of use and durability. I've forwarded it to my sister-in-law.

Milk bottle warmer

I like the size and how professionally it was packaged! I'm delighted it wasn't just thrown in a plastic bag with the rest of the stuff. This was sealed, which is ideal because it will be used to store pacifiers. I keep it in my baby's car seat so that I don't forget to fetch a pacifier before leaving the house. I typically forget, but this helps me remember! My infant uses BunYum pacifiers, which fit perfectly with plenty of room to spare.

PACIFIER storage holder

My child likes the bowl and eats breakfast out of it every morning. It's a huge help in teaching her how to use spoons! However, she's either really intelligent or the suction isn't very good since she spills it all the time. It sticks well to my sink, therefore it's most likely her intelligence. These bowls are fantastic since they have high suction, can be microwaved, and have wonderful spoons. It's wide and nice.

Silicone bowl + spoon set

These are fantastic! So simple to clean, put on, and take off! I used to use plastic bibs with fabric stitching around the edges with my first kid, but my second child seems to be a little messier, or I simply don't have the patience to scrub the fabric anymore, so I got these, and cleaning is a snap! I wish I had received these a long time ago! I wasn't sure I'd like the "clunkiness" of the bottom scoop, but the trade-off of faster cleanup is well worth it!

Silicone bib

I love these - so affordable and so perfect for my 1 yr old. Bonus - they are so cute. Perfect size. Easy to clean. My 1 yr old picked it up and drank out of it with ease - both with the straw and as a sippy cup with the straw out as well. Only bummer - it’s fun for him to pull the straw out and I wish it had a little stopper that makes it hard to pull the straw out.

Silicone Sippy Cup

These pacifiers have a premium appearance and feel to them. They're also incredibly soft, so I don't think I'll have any problems with my teeth. Because they are composed of solid silicone, they are simple to clean because there are no grooves to be concerned about.

Silicone teether chew
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