About Us

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when attempting to find the best and completely safe products for your baby. There are many opinions and commercially marketed products on the internet. You should consider your baby's safety first and make sure the bowl, spoons, toys, or other caring products in your home are safe for them. 


Where can you find them out easily? This is why Kidszenia is here for you! Hi there, this is Sharen, the founder of Kidszenia and a proud parent of two children. Aside from that, I have been working in a research company that researches baby products and thinks of ways to make them the best tools for your baby's development. 

Why Kidszenia?

 As we research, we know how important a role the products play in a baby’s intellectual, emotional, and psychological development. As parents, we face many problems as our children need so many products from the moment they come into this world. But not all the products are good enough for them and especially we do not get the safe products at a good price. As well as that, we have to go from store to store to find different products since they aren't gathered in one place. So keeping all these facts in mind I created Kidszenia as a collection of such products so that you don’t have to face the problem.

What Are Our Goals?

Taking care of a child for the first time can be overwhelming, as you want to do the best for them. When you become a parent, you realize that babies cannot use the same products as us because they are still developing and therefore vulnerable. The result is the introduction of baby products that are safer for your child as they are made in a way that will not harm them in any way. 

Markets, however, are flooded with a wide variety of baby products that feature attractive shapes, sizes, colors, and even features, luring parents into buying in large quantities. While you think about these products a lot, you're also concerned about safety, so are we! This is why our main goal is to supply the best products for your baby at a very reasonable price we can.

The Product Material And Type We Choose

Baby products with organic and gentle materials are effective since they do not harm your baby even after being used several times during the day. Additionally, attractive and interactive baby products promote the healthy growth and development of babies as well as provide the baby with a lot of fun!

Why silicone?

The material silicone is manufactured from silica, which is a type of sand. However, just because it's manmade doesn't mean it's unsafe. The product was designed to be hypoallergenic and non-toxic. As opposed to other polymers, this material can withstand heat and cold without releasing harmful chemicals. Because of these properties, silicone baby bowls are incredibly safe to eat from. Additionally, they are odor-free and stain-resistant.

What is more? Much like rubber, silicone has a very soft texture. When dropped, silicone bowls and plates won't break into several sharp pieces, so they're safe for your child. And they're easier to clean and store as well.

Why Cotton? Cotton provides many benefits, including the ability to control moisture, insulate, and provide comfort, as well as being hypoallergenic, weather-proof, and durable. Cotton absorbs moisture and doesn't show perspiration-like synthetics, keeping you naturally dry. Among the most common fabrics for clothing for children and babies is cotton. The material is soft and highly absorbent, so it is gentle on a baby's skin.

Why Eco-friendly Products?

With all the toxic chemicals found in many products today, eco-friendly products are more important than ever. The majority of products were already made from natural materials, so eco-friendliness wasn't a requirement for them.  By using eco-friendly products, you can reduce your carbon emissions by using renewable energy or buying energy-efficient products. Use products and services that use recycled materials and waste as raw materials and resources in order to conserve natural resources.

The joy of caring for a baby can be overwhelming, but we are here to make it easier for you to appreciate and feel it.

Lifetime Protection

We offer lifetime protection plans. If your product has any issues whatsoever. All you have to do is contact us and we will send you a replacement.

Free Shipping

Orders are processed daily and usually shipped out within 48 hours. We offer two methods of shipping, free standard ground and express delivery.

UK Based Company

Located in UK. We are here to help you if you should have any questions, our goal is to make sure you're 100% satisfied.

Giving Back

One of the ways we give back is by providing underprivileged families who often cannot afford luxury health products like a Kidszenia, at cost.