Name Stickers Printer
Name Stickers Printer
Name Stickers Printer
Name Stickers Printer
Name Stickers Printer

Name Stickers Printer

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In only three simple steps, you can create your own unique stamp!

Mark your kid's clothes to keep their clothes, individual! Put an end to the time-consuming process of ironing and stitching labels! With this name sticker printer, you can effortlessly brand your apparel with only one tap. Children will be delighted to receive these unusual name seal materials, which have a lovely animal pattern design that is eye-catching and vibrant.
More reasons to love it:
English, French, and more languages are available. Any name and number can be customized. 
This is a high-quality stamp that can print in just three steps in some seconds!
You can have your name printed on garments, books, backpacks, shoes, electric shocks, and other items as gifts or awards for kindergartens, nursing homes, elementary schools, and other organizations.
This is a high-quality stamp that can be re-used over 60 times.
Product information:
Color Large girl pink cat (note name) A3, large boy owl (note name) V3, large universal yellow Wangwang (note name) A20, large universal white panda (note name) A22.
How to use:
First, type the name you want to engrave on the computer, then print it on sulfuric acid paper. Finally, use sulfuric acid to engrave the name. The name on the lettering pad is exposed using photosensitive equipment. At this point, the name is imprinted on the lettering pad, and ink is added to the ink fountain tank, the bottom lid is closed, and the lettering pad is ready to use.

Packing list:

  • Name stamp*1